Energetic massage

This treatment is a technique that combines elements of traditionalcupping therapy with massage. It involves placing specially designed cupson the skin and creating a vacuum inside them, which helps to createsuction and draw the skin and underlying tissues upwards into the cup.This technique is believed to stimulate blood flow, promote the release ofmuscle tension, and improve the flow of energy in the body. During a cupping massage session, the therapist applies oil and lotion to theskin and then uses the cups to create suction. The therapist incorporatemassage techniques such as effleurage, kneading, or tapping while the cupsare applied. Cupping massage is often used to address muscle pain, inflammation, andtightness. It is also believed to promote relaxation, improve circulation,and release toxins from the body. The marksor discoloration that canappear on the skin after cupping (known as "cupping marks') are atemporary side effect and typically fade within a few days.